No Ring 


Cold hearted

Yes cold hearted, I’ve become

The one before you already said that

Yes, I already know what you are about to say

So frustrated with men

I’m thinking about becoming gay


By the way, where is your ring at?

That was rhetorical

No need to answer that


The light tan around your ring finger is there!

Just because you take your wedding ring off

Doesn’t mean your wife will disappear


You claim there are problems at home

And the marriage is on the rocks

Looking at me seductively

While you take another shot of Ciroc


I can tell you’re undressing me with your eyes

Beyond my control

I start to feel

A warm sensation between my thighs

I know this is wrong, but it feels so right

Leaving my morals at the bar

Cause I know we’re gonna fuck tonight


I follow you to the bathroom stalls

Sixteen miss calls!

I bet it's your wife

Sliding in raw

You better pullout

I'm not ready to create life

Swimming in my loving

You can feel it

It’s as hot as an oven

Pounding my body up against the wall

You whisper in my ear,

"Hey, my name is Paul"

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